Ellie Siadati

Accounts Manager


Meet Ellie Siadati, Accounts Manager at Vertical Property

Ellie Siadati is the dedicated and skilled Accounts Manager at Vertical Property, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise in accounting and business administration to the team. With a strong educational background and a proven track record in managing finances, Ellie is committed to delivering accurate and efficient financial management for the company, ensuring smooth operations and client satisfaction.

Educational Accomplishments and Professional Credentials

Ellie holds a Bachelor of Business from Guilan University in Iran, which is recognized by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia. Additionally, she has completed her Master of Business Administration and is currently enrolled in the CPA Program. Ellie’s impressive qualifications have equipped her with the necessary skills to excel in her role as Accounts Manager at Vertical Property.

Extensive Work Experience and Industry Recognition

With over eight years of work experience in accounting, Ellie has honed her skills in analysis and record keeping across various companies and industries. As a registered BAS Agent, she is recognized as an accountant in Australia by The Institute of Chartered Accountants. Ellie is also a full member of the Association of Accounting Technicians Australia, demonstrating her commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards in her field.

Efficient Management and Attention to Detail

Ellie is known for her strong management skills, high attention to detail, and unwavering dedication to completing tasks promptly and accurately. Her ability to adapt quickly to new software applications and her excellent analytical and problem-solving skills make her a valuable asset in working with diverse industries.

Strong Technical Proficiency

Possessing strong computer skills, Ellie is adept at using various accounting software packages, ensuring that Vertical Property’s financial records are maintained with precision and efficiency. Her ability to learn and master new software applications quickly is an invaluable asset to the company and its clients.

Ellie Siadati: A Pillar of Financial Expertise at Vertical Property

As Accounts Manager at Vertical Property, Ellie Siadati plays a crucial role in maintaining the company’s financial stability and ensuring client satisfaction. Her extensive experience, strong management skills, and commitment to accuracy and efficiency make her an indispensable member of our team. We are proud to have Ellie on board and confident in her ability to continue driving our success and that of our clients.